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Nutritional deficiency research for healthier living

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We are healthier together

Medical Innovation

Identifying and developing products that can make a real difference to patients’ lives

Nemysis is a Speciality Pharmaceutical Company, founded by industry experts and entrepreneurs with a solid track record of delivering products to the healthcare market.  We focus on products that address worldwide relevant nutritional deficiencies with particular attention not to damage a patient’s microbiome, thus minimising a plethora of gastrointestinal side effects.

Our mission is to identify and apply innovative and proprietary therapeutic solutions to the negative impacts of nutritional deficiencies, while preserving a healthy microbiota.

By utilising novel approaches and technologies, as well as partnering with highly respected organisations and academic institutions, we aim to markedly improve the lives of patients, whilst never losing sight of the needs of our employees, partners, stakeholders, and investors.

Our focus is on developing products that can make a positive impact on patient’s lives.

Danilo Casadei Massari | CEO


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Together we can address patient’s nutritional deficiencies through innovations that make their everyday lives better, whilst minimising potential side effects.

Research & Development

Our flagship products, currently in development, all address unmet patient needs.

Most iron supplementation products are known to cause negative GI tract side effects, clearly perceived by the patient. Our unique and innovative nano particulate iron product,  Iron Hydroxide Adipate Tartrate (IHAT), is an organic acid-doped ferritin that mimics how iron would normally be absorbed into the body and is used for iron deficiency with or without anaemia. By mimicking natural iron absorption and body distribution, it minimises the negative GI side effects commonly seen with other iron supplements.

Patients who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten can inadvertently consume gluten even when on a gluten free diet.  Our novel endoprotease, E40 has been shown to break down the immunogenic peptides from the digestion of gluten that can make the lives of patients with Coeliac Disease and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, so uncomfortable and painful.

We are also developing a pioneering delivery matrix which is designed to provide gastro-protection to deliver enzymes and other compounds,  that are designed to work in the GI tract beyond the stomach, to the site of action in the small intestines.

The gut microbiome impacts multiple body functions: it helps control food digestion and absorption, activates the immune system and maintains a healthy intestinal mucosal barrier. Both Celiac Disease and currently available iron supplements result in altered microbiomes worsening patient morbidity.

A key to nutritional supplementation and contrasting disease progression is preserving a healthy, balanced microbiome.

Maria Cristina Comelli | Director R&D