About Nemysis

Nemysis’ Team has an enviable track record of delivering projects together

Nemysis Management Team and Board of Directors is made up of highly experienced and successful pharmaceutical executives and entrepreneurs, who have an enviable track record of delivering projects together, in several previous ventures.

Formed in 2017, Nemysis Ltd is an Irish company which has virtual operations and staff geographically distributed worldwide.  We focus on bioactive substances, and actively explore opportunities where we have identified large market potentials, coupled with unmet patient needs, and we can identify and harness innovative solutions.

Nemysis therapeutic focus is on nutritional deficiencies with particular attention to minimize gastrointestinal and other side effects, often caused by current available solutions.

A diversified, independent platform with multi-product capabilities

With a specific emphasis on preserving the microbiome , we developed an iron-based nano-particulate compound to address the effects caused by iron deficiency  as well as the currently available therapeutic solutions. Celiac Disease (CD) and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) are two distinct conditions whereby the ingestion of gluten and other components of wheat leads to a series of serious gastro-intestinal and other severe reactions.  E40 is a new Glutenase, developed to specifically address these conditions.

We operate a diversified, independent platform with multi-product capabilities.  In the short term we take products through the novel food supplement or medical device route, but with a longer term plan to take these compounds  to drug status  and to be phase II, ready to out-license products for drug development for the prescriptions market. In order to do this all our pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing development activities are carried out, through any development stage, in GLP and GMP standard.

Our immediate plans are to complete development and commercialise novel technologies, for use in nutritional deficiency, that are both effective and gentle on the patients gut microbiome and preserving its integrity.

IHAT – Nano Fe(III)

Harnessing nano technology to mimic normal delivery of iron to the gut for patients with Iron Deficiency, with or without Anaemia.


E40 can break down the immunogenic fragments that occur when gluten has been inadvertently ingested.

Matrix Delivery System

Designed for gastro-protecting enzymes and other compounds from stomach acid and delivering these to the intended site of action.

Working with key scientific advisors we can quickly identify opportunities

Through our rich and varied scientific and clinical network, we have the capability to pick up even weak signals of unmet patient needs or interesting technologies in our chosen field of research.  This allows us to understand, distil and collate opportunities on so many different levels with academia and clinicians, and supported by healthcare statistics, and market analysis. Our goal is to create long-term and mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with all levels of those in the medical/bio-pharma research field.

Through utilising our strategy to feed, grow and test ideas rapidly, we can quickly assess the feasibility of any potential project with our scientific and clinical network.

Our expertise, network and resources allow us to operate and navigate through different environments.  We can intervene in different functional stages of product development: scouting, pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, distribution and add value at different steps of the product development life cycle. Through this we can reduce risk and operate very flexibly and optimise our speed to market.