What makes us stand out in our chosen markets?

Nemysis is built on an enviable product and research pipeline, and is growing fast. We have three technology platforms in various stages of  development and were the first company to file our nano iron [IHAT nano-ferric (III)] for approval by the European Food Safety Authority in 2019. With several possible routes to market, from novel food supplement and GRAS Notification (in the U.S.) to medical device and prescription drug, we have short, medium, and long-term returns-on-investment outlook, which we deem very attractive for a variety of commercial and investment partners.

We come from a background deeply rooted in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

With a lean leadership team bringing diverse and complementary skills, we have a proven and successful track record in speciality pharma and are small enough to be agile and tough enough to take key decisions in a timely fashion. Our highly experienced and talented Board of Directors are hands on which gives us the ability to act quickly to capitalise on development opportunities.

We are supported by a wide ranging and trusted Board of Scientific and Clinical Advisors who are leaders in their field. Together we are able to connect innovative products with disease areas which have large commercial potential and unmet patient needs.

We welcome dialogue with Investors, Healthcare Professionals, Academia, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Companies and Researchers who can help us grow.

Why invest in Nemysis?

We focus on markets with large, unmet needs and poor therapy options available:

  • An estimated 30 million people suffer from Celiac Disease (prevalence of 1%) and about 150 million from Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (prevalence of 6-8%), representing a market opportunity of about €3 billion and €15 billion respectively. No viable treatment is currently available for these conditions and E40 represents a breakthrough innovation in the field..
  • Almost 2 billion people suffer from some form of iron deficiency, (prevalence of 24%) representing a market opportunity of €13.5 billion.  Current treatment options are sub-optimal, and IHAT is positioned to be a clear innovative, effective and safe alternative.

We have a de-risked, high success Product Strategy:

  • Three-pronged regulatory pathway strategy, providing multiple commercialization options
  • Robust IP protection in all major markets
  • GRAS notification (US)/Novel Food Procedure (EU) allowing ease of entry to markets
  • Agile, networked infrastructure, minimising overhead costs

Nemysis has a well-established presence in the nutritional deficiency research space and is poised for strong future growth in this area. We have already been through two successful funding rounds and are looking for investment partners to help us to grow and drive our development pipeline. In fact, due to our strong offering both previous seed financing rounds were oversubscribed.

We are perfectly poised to grow Nemysis. We have the right people and products to make a real difference in the nutritional deficiencies marketplace.

Marco Cartolari | Chief Operating Officer

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Danilo Casadei Massari, our Chairman at or Marco Cartolari, our COO at

Why Partner with Nemysis?

Nemysis is built on success, with an enviable product and research pipeline. And we are growing fast. We believe we grow fastest by entering into partnerships that bring value to both parties. If you are interested in working with us to bring our products to those who need them, we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you would like to start a conversation please contact our COO Marco Cartolari at