Nemysis Ltd Strengthens Its Management Team With Senior Regulatory Expert Estrella Bengio

Nemysis Limited today announced that it appointed Estrella Bengio as Global Regulatory Affairs Head.

Nemysis Limited today announced that it appointed Estrella Bengio as Global Regulatory Affairs Head.  Estrella brings with her over 30 years of senior leadership experience and expertise in Regulatory Affairs in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. She is highly qualified in navigating the regulatory process to bring effectively and rapidly innovative products to market.

She has served as Regulatory Affairs Director at Abbott Nutrition, covering a broad range of countries. She was a member of the Board of SNE (Specialized Nutrition Europe) covering Food Special Medical Purposes and Public Affairs and has also successfully covered leading positions in the regulatory area in Medical Nutritional International Industry (MNI). Before that, she covered the Regulatory Affairs position in Abbott Laboratories S.A. Spain handling products placing in the market, pricing and reimbursement of Nutritionals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

Thanks to her broad Regulatory Affairs experience in the EU and broadly in EMEA countries, Estrella will play a key role in meeting the Company’s growth goals related to products tackling Iron Deficiency/Anemia and Gluten intolerance and sensitivity.

“I cannot think of anyone better than Estrella to join our team and contribute to the next stage of Nemysis development. Her undisputed competence and long-standing experience will provide new leads and perspective to the path to market of our pipeline products,” said Dr Maria Cristina Comelli, Director of R&D.

Estrella stated, “I am delighted to cooperate with Nemysis. I am impressed with the spirit of the Company which will allow bringing healthcare solutions worldwide, improving people’s lives. It is a great opportunity to deal with an excellent Team of an innovative company.”

Estrella has a Master’s in Pharmacy and Nutrition from the Complutense University of Madrid.

About Nemysis:

Nemysis Ltd, a healthcare and pharmaceutical company, is focussed on nutritional and pharmaceutical solutions which can protect against some of the negative consequences of nutrient deficiency, nutrient intolerances and sensitivities, paying particular attention to the need to safeguard the human microbiome.

·         Nemysis’s novel nanoparticulate iron is the first natural ferritin mimic, which can correct human iron deficiency and anemia, without negatively impacting the gut microbiome. Safety and efficacy have been demonstrated in controlled-repeat-dose [clinical] trials.

·         Nemysis’s novel E40 endopeptidase is gastric, trypsin and chymotrypsin resistant. It has been shown to destroy all the immuno-stimulatory epitopes of gluten, quenching the exacerbated inflammatory response of primed, gluten-sensitive and hyper-responsive human T cells. It is, therefore, suitable for the enzymatic management of gluten intolerance and sensitivity.

·         Nemysis has three further products in its pipeline for use in Iron Deficiency/Anaemia, Gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease

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Release date: May 15, 2020

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